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Games I made when I was a kid #1 – Protector

May 6th, 2009


This is the first entry in a series that will showcase games I wrote when I was a kid that no-one ever cared about or played. No-one. Nobody cared what I did alone in my room for hours on end. Maybe they thought I was doing something else. Anyway, I’m not bitter.

This game is called Protector. The guy with the gun is you. The guys with the clubs are harp seal hunters. The things on the right are harp seals. One of them has been clubbed and skinned already…

According to the title screen, this game was made back in January 1984, which would have made me a very disturbed 13 year old environmentalist. To this day I still can’t explain why everyone appears to be wearing clown shoes.

If for some bizarre reason you want to play this, you will need a TRS-80 Model 1 emulator and the Protector cassette image. The game is written in BASIC, you type CLOAD to load it and RUN to run it. That’s as much help as I’m going to give you. I suspect that if you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll really enjoy working out the rest! You’ll certainly enjoy it a lot more than actually playing the game.

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