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Games I made when I was a kid #4 – Yacht

May 8th, 2009


This is the penultimate entry in this series of posts. For my final entry I plan to feature the game that made me an international superstar. No really – I actually physically met someone from overseas who knew me from that game. And this was before the Internet took off. But this isn’t that game.

Introducing¬† Yacht – a Frankenstein’s monster of code that combined BASIC with machine language subroutines and was so difficult that I never even tried getting friends or family to play it.

The sad thing is that this was 1987. That makes me 16 or 17 years old and a first-year university student. It also makes the System-80 totally obsolete! What was I thinking? Well, I was too young for the University Bar…

You pilot your yacht around 9 different courses, adjusting your sail to make best use of the wind. The idea was to angle the sail so that if you imagined the wind bouncing off it, it would bounce behind you. It was actually possible (and frequently necessary) to tack into the wind like a real boat.

If you want to accept the challenge, load the Yacht cassette image into your emulator and follow these instructions:

You need to load the BASIC part first, then the machine language above it. They are both on the same tape.

  1. Reset the machine and set memory size to 28000.
  2. CLOAD the BASIC component.
  3. Load the machine language component with SYSTEM (Enter) Y (Enter)
  4. Hit BREAK (Esc) at the second *?
  5. RUN

Are you seriously reading this…?

There are so many other games I could have featured from those days. Bricky Drop, Captain Bunny and Dancing Selly to name a few.¬† For now, they are merely names whispered through the intertubes. Maybe one day I’ll cave to the inevitable popular demand and show you them…

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