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Status update – 20 weeks

July 31st, 2009 Comments off

In my last status update three months ago I said all the technical risks were overcome and I could focus on the actual gameplay. If you have a very limited amount of spare time for your project and find yourself in a similar position, here are a few hints that should help you get on with the task of creating a fun game:

  • Don’t start a blog.
  • Don’t drag out the old junk you wrote a lifetime ago (and which no-one gives a rat’s toss about) in order to provide content for the blog.
  • If you need to write a tool to help you achieve something, stop writing it after a couple of hours when it does what you need, rather than spending a week polishing it up so you can stick it on your blog.

Anyway, after the first month my only real progress (besides the blog) was to get text displayed in my game.

The second month was more interesting. After delving through all my old junk I found another half-finished Amiga game that could work really well on the iPhone. It seemed more achievable than the game I’d already started and the code I’d written could mostly be kept. So I decided to do that one instead.

I’ve come quite far with game number two but have discovered that the ‘fun factor’ is heavily dependent on a lot of variables that will need polishing and balancing over time. So as the third month comes to a close, I have decided to remould game number one into a much smaller project and try to finish that one.

That’s right – Hyperwares currently has several games in the pipeline. We’re a software production powerhouse!

I should mention that I’d still probably be nowhere if I hadn’t gotten a leg-up with writing my OpenGL 2D engine. A chunk of code came from an early tutorial I found at 71 squared. My code has diverged from that tutorial, but I’ll definitely return there in the weeks to come.

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